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Mastering my Business in Pebble Beach

"The Business of You"
“The Business of You”

Yesterday in Pebble Beach, I joined a group of fantastic women representing a wide range of professions for a great seminar.

group photo

As a realtor with 29 years of real estate sales experience I never stop learning – in fact I was recently nicknamed the Education Advocate of my Alain Pinel Realtors-Carmel office. (I wonder why?) Well, here I go again, spreading the word about another great educational opportunity.

Marion Gellatly
Marion Gellatly

The seminar was called, “Mastering the Business of You” and was presented by two amazing women, Marion Gellatly and Mary Jeanne Vincent.  Marion, a style and image expert, discussed the power of our brand, how we determine what our “brand” is, and how we are communicating visually with our clients. Mary Jeanne, a career coach and expert on Linkedin, taught us Negotiation skills and how to use LinkedIn to put our best online image forward. This was the first time they had teamed up to do a class together and it was a winner!

group - pic

I highly recommend this seminar for any professional person who wants to update and upgrade their image online and person to person.

#Stanford Student for the Day in #Palo Alto ~ #Alain Pinel Realtors

Fellow students at Stanford
Fellow students at the Graduate School of Business ~ Stanford University January 14, 2016

Wow!  What a thrill to be on the Stanford campus.  Last week myself (in the orange vest) and dozens of my Alain Pinel associates attended a Design Thinking Boot Camp at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business as part of APR’s collaboration with Stanford’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.

graduate school sign

The first part of our 3 part APR Stanford Innovation Certificate program launched last year with an on-line Negotiation Class taught by Professor Maggie Neale which was awesome!  Last week the in-person class on the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto was even more amazing.


The Stanford campus is awe-inspiring and is so huge and spread out that the students all need to ride bikes to get around.

stairs - Stanford

Our class was on the top floor of the library and as I walked in  the circular staircase leading to all floors was front row and center.  I was running late so took the elevator, but walked down this staircase  later getting a good view of all the different floors.

Professor Sarah Soule
Professor Sarah Soule

The energetic and enthusiastic Professor Sarah Soule led us  on an amazing journey through the Design Thinking process.  She was in continual motion for the whole day-long class and kept us all on our “toes”!


There were 40-50 of us from all the different Alain Pinel offices.

our team

We were divided up into teams.  I teamed up with Rainy Hake, executive vice president and COO of Alain Pinel, Marsha Williams APR San Francisco, and Greg Albertson who is a realtor with me in our Carmel office.


We shared the results of our pre-class homework and did a lot of brainstorming.  Made me remember how effective brainstorming is when creative ideas are just allowed to flow with no judgements!


Of course, the brain needs energy to work effectively and delicious food and drink were available at all times.  Who said snacking was bad – not if you’re eating the right thing!  Our lunch that was served at another location on campus was also first class.

Our  next task was to develop a prototype to solve a “problem”.  Below is a prototype that one of the other groups developed.  This is an app for an iPad demonstrated in a very colorful fun way.


After our team’s brainstorming we developed an App for an iPad to solve a specific “problem” that one of our team members had put forth.  Her client wanted to visit open houses but wanted to look on her own without an agent “talking at her”.   We developed an app that had every imaginable piece of information about the property and community included on it.

our app

Now come the users.  Ta Tah . . . now we were going to have to explain our concept to a prospective user and get their input about our idea.


Students from a Design class were our “guinea pigs”.  Here they are just having walked into the room wondering, “what in the world are these people creating?”

r speaking

Rainy explained how it works to our “User”.  We received some valuable suggestions we hadn’t thought of and added the ideas to our design.

By the end of the class our brains had been exercised, we had enjoyed great food, we had been inspired by a wonderful teacher, we had worked as a team, and had made some new friends.  A day well spent.  The piece de resistance was receiving this beautiful Certificate of Completion from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

certificate  As I left the building I noticed this lovely quote by Philip H. Knight an MBA student from 1962 on a stone tablet inlaid in the plaza. quote

“There comes a time in every life when the past recedes and the future opens.  It’s that moment when you turn to face the unknown.  Some will turn back to what they already know.  Some will walk straight ahead into uncertainty.  I can’t tell you which one is right.  But I can tell you which one is more fun.”

By the way, in case you don’t recognize the name.  Phil Knight is co-founder and chairman of NIKE.  stanford-5

So here we go as we leave Stanford University letting the past recede and facing the unknown.  Not sure which path the others will take, but I’m going for the one that’s more fun!