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The Real Estate Bargain of the Year!! Awesome Ocean Views for Under a Million!

View from 40 Skyline Crest, Monterey CA

40 Skyline Crest, offered at $965,000

Open House 11/10 Friday 2:00-4:00pm

Open House 11/11-12  Saturday & Sunday 1:00-4:00pm

It is always a joy as a realtor to have a truly wonderful property to represent to the real estate market place.  I’m grateful to currently have many such listings – each unique and amazing in their own way – each seeking a different type of buyer.

But what would be MY dream house as a buyer?  I love a water view, and not just standing on a chair peeking out my window view, but a knock- down full-out ocean view.  I want to sit down at my dining room table in the morning and look at the ocean so I remember what an incredible place I live in.

Dining with a view, 40 Skyline Crest

I want to sit in the same dining room in the early evening and watch as dusk sets in and the sky turns into reds, oranges, and pinks as only Mother Nature can create.

Sunset View from 40 Skyline Crest, photo by Chester Ng

I even want to prepare dinner looking at this same view!

A kitchen with a view, 40 Skyline Crest
Beautifully remodeled kitchen

And, yes, I want to curl up in my living room with a good book and revel in my ocean view . . .

40 Skyline Crest

. . .  and enjoy a roaring fire at the same time.  I don’t want much do I!

40 Skyline Crest

I know all of this seems impossible on the Monterey Peninsula unless one spends millions, but you’re wrong. For a short time only (at least that’s how I would book it) a striking residence is available that would answer all of my dreams – perhaps even yours!!

Private entry – with a view, of course.

In addition,  it is spacious with 2720 SF including 5 bedrooms, three baths with a huge 5th bedroom boasting built-in bookcases which would be a great family room.  Two-car garage with additional off-street parking.  Great location.  Quiet, private, but easy to get anywhere on the Monterey Peninsula in a short drive.  If you share some of my visions of what your Dream House looks like, come by the Open House or view the Virtual Tour and call me with any questions.  Remember, run, don’t walk.

See you at 40 Skyline Crest, Monterey CA

Friday 11/10 2:00-4:00pm

Sat/Sun 11/11-12      1:00-4:00pm

If your dream house is of another vision, perhaps one of my other listings will work for you.  Call me with questions.

3146 Fergusson Lane, Pebble Beach $2,350,000

Crespi 6SE Mountain View, Carmel-by-the-Sea, $2,275,000 (Price          newly reduced)!

90 Hacienda, Carmel, Hacienda Carmel 55+community $494,000






It’s Like Being On A Perennial Vacation? Living the Monterey Peninsula Lifestyle

Living the Monterey Peninsula Lifestyle

Late lunch on Schooner's deck at the Monterey Plaza hotel
Late lunch on Schooner’s deck at the Monterey Plaza hotel

My husband and I moved down here from San Francisco 17 years ago and ever since then, it’s been like we’ve been on a perennial vacation!  What ‘s great is you don’t have to put aside a whole week to get away somewhere to become refreshed, relaxed, and replenished – all you need is a few hours!  It was our dream to move here for years.  Whether you live in Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, or Monterey.  Natural beauty and “vacation living” is close by and lots of time spur of the moment!

Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay

For instance leaving work this afternoon on a warm, sunny, beautiful afternoon about 1:00pm,  I decided to give my other half a call.  Being very hungry and about to go grab a sandwich at the 5th Avenue Deli in Carmel, I thought my hubby might still be available for lunch.  As it turned out he was just heading home from a round of golf and was delighted to contemplate a lovely Friday afternoon meal at Schooner’s which I suggested would be a great way to end the week.  (Of course, as a realtor, my week never really ends and I will be working both Saturday and Sunday- which is the reason I need to constantly sprinkle in “vacation time” when I can get it!)

Susan Clark, enjoying the views of Monterey Bay
Susan Clark, enjoying the views of Monterey Bay

My point is – we had an amazing afternoon bathed in sunshine and  dining on seafood while scanning the bay for otters, kayaks, and cormorants.  Most people would have to drive for hours to get an enjoyable afternoon like this – we only had to drive about 12 blocks from our home.

Allan Freidson delighted in the sea air!
Allan Freidson delighted in the sea air!

For Allan our lunch was his “19th Hole” having just finished a round of golf.  For me it was a nice reward for completing work and errands.   I was able to spend the morning getting ads created, preparation for a listing presentation, calls to clients made, and getting prepared for my weekend open houses.  I even had time to run by Pac Rep to return my Centennial parade costume!

If you don’t live here and are reading this, consider living in this amazing place.  We certainly have never been sorry to have settled in God’s country on the Monterey Peninsula.

Dreaming of living here on the Monterey Peninsula?  Share your dream on ShareYourDream.com where others have shared theirs.  I promise your dream will come true!

ABC’s of the Monterey Peninsula ~ “B” is for Beach!

 ABC’s of the Monterey Peninsula ~ “B” is for Beach

Carmel ~ Pebble Beach ~Pacific Grove ~ Monterey

Susan on Carmel Beach
Susan walking down Carmel Beach

A beach has always been a draw for most everyone and I’m no different.  I’ve always loved the beach –  the sound of the waves, the squawk of the sea gulls, the salt air, the feel of sand between my toes

Carmel Beach
Carmel Beach

 . . .  and yes, in my youth even enjoyed slathering on suntan lotion and baking in the sun – not recommended.  Of course, our beaches in northern California are quite different that the ones I spent time at in my earlier years – Cape Cod, the Gulf Coast of Florida, and Hawaii.

Carmel Beach
Carmel Beach

Even though it is not “hot” here in the summer time residents and visitors alike throng to Monterey Peninsula beaches.  The white sands of Carmel Beach with a backdrop of the Pebble Beach Golf Links attract hundreds of people any time of year.

Carmel Beach - kite flying is a fun activity at the beach!
Carmel Beach – kite flying is a fun activity at the beach!

When prospective buyers are thinking of purchasing a home here, a question I hear over and over again is, “How far is it from the beach?”

Roof top view of Carmel Beach
Roof top view of Carmel Beach ~ from this house it was just a block away!

For dog lovers it is heaven since this beach is famous for allowing dog owners to allow their pets freedom from the leash.  It’s a great place for picnics or a beach party and beach fires at this time are still allowed in certain areas and certain days – though many people would like to change that.

River State Bch
Carmel River State Beach, Carmel CA

The other beach in Carmel is Carmel River State Beach and is also a beautiful long “walking” beach where you can enjoy fabulous views.

Carrmel River State Beach
Carrmel River State Beach                                                              

Pacific Grove, also, has a wonderful beach on Lover’s Point that many flock to on a sunny day.

Lover's Point Beach in Pacific Grove
Lover’s Point Beach in Pacific Grove

When we have our warm spells, it tends to look like Coney Island with people sitting on their beach blankets packed together like sardines.  The Recreation Trail between Lover’s Point and the Hopkins Marine Station is a favorite walk or bike ride for those who want to enjoy the rocky, rugged coastline – like me!  I walk it almost every day.

Stanford Hopkins Marine
Stanford Hopkins Marine

Every spring the harbor seals have their baby pups who hang out at either the Stanford University Hopkins Marine Station beach or the 5th Street beach where the babies can be safe in the protected cove.

harbor seals
5th Street Beach.  A protected cove where baby harbor seals are born every spring.

Of course, the Pacific Grove coast in spring is special not only for the Harbor seal pups being born, but for the “Pink Carpet” that bursts into bloom in April and May!

"Pink Carpet' blooming in spring along the Pacific Grove coast.
“Pink Carpet’ blooming in spring along the Pacific Grove coast.

Pebble Beach has many wonderful beaches like Asilomar Beach (a lovely place to watch a sunset) on the boundary line of Pacific Grove

Asilomar State Beach
Asilomar State Beach

and Spanish Bay Beach complete with picnic tables.

Spanish Bay beach in Pebble Beach
Spanish Bay beach in Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach, also, has a phenomenal coastline.

pb coast

Monterey boasts Del Monte Beach, the long walking beach that goes for miles.  Whether you are walking, enjoying a sunset . . .

Sunset from Del Monte Beach
Sunset from Del Monte Beach

or hang gliding, this beach is a gem and not known by all visitors.  I didn’t discover it until I moved here even though I had visited the Monterey Peninsula most of my life.

Hang glider about to take off from Del Monte Beach

Ok, ready to go to the beach?  Pick one and have fun!  Surf’s up!

Surfers on Carmel Beach
Surfers on Carmel Beach

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Do you dream of living on the Monterey Peninsula?  Share your dream on ProjectShareYourDream.

Enjoy the beach!!

Carmel, CA ~ Many Thanks to all my Clients in 2015

Sweet Elena's Apple Pie
Sweet Elena’s Apple Pie

As a realtor at Alain Pinel -Carmel I am blessed to work with many wonderful and fabulous clients to represent them in either finding a home in #Carmel, #Pebble Beach, #Pacific Grove, #Monterey or the surrounding area or in selling their home.  My gratitude list always has to include these clients for they are an important part of my life.  In order to say THANK YOU for their business on December 12th I had a  Pie-Give-Away party for some of my clients who live here locally or have second homes here.  Each one brought home a Sweet Elena’s pie  as a gift from me to enjoy with their family.  We all had such a good time at the party enjoying refreshments and libations! Each of my clients had a story to tell the others about our adventures of “house hunting” or selling their homes and there were so many nice things said about me I am sure I was blushing.  As we said good-bye, all had smiles on their faces as they left with their beautiful and delicious pie! Thanks again to all my amazing clients!